Photon Energy Workshops Help Solar Systems Installers Deepen Their Knowledge of Inverter and Battery Storage Technologies

In our recent workshop held at the Solinteg laboratory in Brno, we showcased the possibilities of parallel interconnection using Solinteg hybrid inverters and Dyness Tower batteries. The event received great response from participants, evident in the multitude of questions and lively discussions that took place.

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2024 Workshop Series

In collaboration with our partners, Solinteg and Dyness, we are thrilled to announce our next series of workshops that promise to elevate your skills and expertise in the field.

Responding to the demand, we are planning the first workshop of the new year at the Solinteg laboratory in Brno, Czech Republic.

For our partners in Slovakia, we have a special event planned in Zvolen, extending the opportunity for even more professionals to engage with our experts and deepen their understanding of the PV and storage technology.

Save the Date

  • 16. January 2024 – Solinteg Laboratory, Brno, Czech Republic

  • 18. January 2024 – Zvolen, Slovakia

The workshops are held in the Czech language and are free of charge. 

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