Eletricity Supply

Customised prices for business customers with an annual consumption of over 100,000 kWh.

Electricity Supply

Power your business with renewable energy from guaranteed sources

We provide personalised offers to business customers as an electricity supplier. Our clients can get energy from a range of renewable energy sources.


Why Photon Energy

Green Energy

Electricity sales from own renewable energy sources

Multiple Price Structures

Indexed or fixed-pricing price structure.

No TOP (Take or Pay) Band

No tolerance band in case of stock price.

No LCO (Last Call Option)

No Last Call Option and unilateral modification.

Helpful Customer Service

Our experienced staff are available by phone and email. We respond to all inquiries.


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Contact our subject matter expert to find the right solution for you. 

Electricity Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

When and under what conditions is it possible to conclude a new contract?

At any time, for any previously uncontracted period.

Who can cancel a valid contract?

The client or a private or legal person delegated and authorized by the client. In the event that you choose us to terminate your current contract in addition to the contract, we can also attach a power of attorney to the contract.

What information will we need to submit an offer?

In order for us to be able to send you an offer for your company, if you consume at least 100,000 kWh of electricity annually, please send us the following information:

  • ·       your company name
  • ·       the exact address of its registered office
  • ·       tax number
  • ·       currency of energy fee payment (HUF/kWh or EUR/MWh)
  • ·       POD number, address, expected annual consumption of places of consumption, meternig type (AMR/SLP)

and in the case of time-series consumption locations, please also ask to attach to your letter at least 15 minutes of consumption data for the entire year 2022. Please send the data so that the data line does not contain fractional months. In the absence of a data line, we are unable to send an offer.

What does the indexed price mean in the Lerta Energy contract?

This is a monthly variable price structure that is calculated from the HUPX DAM price of electricity.

The basis of the price is the HUPX DAM reference price, which is defined in the contract, and the margin or spread added to it.

The customer's total consumption is priced at the hourly stock exchange price, so he pays as much as he consumes, there is no Take-or-Pay surcharge.

Why is it good to contract at the indexed price?

There is no Take-or-Pay (there is no purchase surcharge below or above).

Who notifies the electricity provider?

Our company will carry out the merchant notification to the distribution network operator, otherwise known as the power supplier, and you will not be responsible for this.

Solutions for Businesses

Along with our Power Supply contract, we offer comprehensive clean energy solutions for businesses, customised to meet your needs.


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